The Music of Sound - Bernie Quist Book 2

The Music of Sound - Bernie Quist Book 2

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A contemporary Sherlock Holmes, Bernie Quist operates as a consultant detective from Baker Avenue in the city of York. His personality and deductive methods resemble the celebrated sleuth and his assistant is named Watson, although this Watson is a youth from the Grimpen housing estate and he's definitely no doctor. The mismatched duo take on bizarre cases which invariably lead into the realms of the supernatural, a shadowy world Quist is all too familiar with. Their friend Rex Grant has disappeared from an Edinburgh hotel. He vanished without paying the bill, but the police seem more concerned with the murdered girl in his room.

Quist and Watson are intrigued by Rex’s connection to the superstar singer Ligeia and the lethal mercenary soldiers who act as her management team. Irana Adler heads the squad – a female Colonel who doesn’t take kindly to being investigated – and Quist is amazed to discover that Laurel and Hardy are part of her team, which is not only surprising, but pretty much impossible. Something very peculiar is going on and Ligeia’s musical voice isn’t quite as sweet as it sounds.

Author Name: Ian Jarvis

ISBN: 9781787051386  
Page count: 372 

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