The Monographs (2nd Edition) - Digital Version

The Monographs (2nd Edition) - Digital Version

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The first iteration of The Monographs was comprehensive yet introductory into the world of thinking about things in the same way that Sherlock Holmes does. This time, we go even deeper. From looking at the practices of Neuroscience that we can use to develop our emotional control and sharpness of our minds when we approach casework to the work on being how to look at someone and figure out what they do for a living which is often billed as a 'holy grail' of sorts in this field.

This second edition will build upon all of the elements from the first including theories application and practice drills. This is so much more than a compendium of riddles and puzzles but a critical thinking course to use with all aspects of your life and the mysteries you take up along the way. Instant memorisation and awareness of the people and things in your surroundings, managing the accuracy of your critical thinking in connection to any biases, reading the face, insights from the animals in someone's life, step by step programs for reading shoes, tattoos, phones, skin, a treatise on criminal profiling elements that you can use in conjunction with this work and much much more.

You will see the world in a way that nobody else around you will, unless they have a copy of this book. No longer will there be footprints of a gigantic hound but the steps to building your own capabilities within the world of the consulting detective.

Date:          22nd May 2024 (available now from this site, copies ship early in April)

Author:       Ben Cardall

Pages:        288

ISBN:          9781804244173

Format:      Digital Version - (also available as Paperback and Hardcover)

Praise on Amazon for the first edition:

"Worth Every Penny"
"The Real Deal"
"Almost A Deduction Bible"
"This is written by a real life Sherlock Holmes"
"How To Find Your Inner Holmes"

and more...

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