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The London of Sherlock Holmes

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All serious Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts want to visit London to see the places mentioned in the Great Detective s adventures. The e-book version of The London of Sherlock Holmes allows enthusiasts to -visit- London from their home computers, or internet connected TVs. This is achieved by hyperlinking the latitude & longitude addresses in the book to the -Street View- feature in Google Maps. The map coordinates are also GPS addresses for those who visit London with hand-held GPS devices. The book groups the 400+ Sherlock Holmes sites by the nearest underground or railway station. Entering GPS addresses after arriving at the station will generate turn-by-turn directions from one Sherlock Holmes site to another. Six walking tour maps are also included. These are not the usual rambling tours, but walks in Holmes and Watsons footsteps. Finally, for those with a statistical bent, the book lists 454 characters named in the book, and statistically analyzes their titles and occupations.


Author Name: Thomas Wheeler

ISBN: 9781780922096

Page count: 400

Publication-date: 17th October 2011

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