The Illumination of Sherlock Holmes - Hardcover

The Illumination of Sherlock Holmes - Hardcover

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Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson reunite after a long and hazardous journey through the icy mountains of Bavaria.

They face a dramatic encounter within the walls of a secluded castle. Sherlock Holmes and his brother, Mycroft, give chase, only for their quarry to escape. The three men, in the company of a new and mysterious ally, return to London knowing that an old adversary will be seeking a deadly revenge.

Almost at once Holmes and Watson are presented with an intriguing case, one that brings back disquieting memories.

However, this only serves as a temporary diversion. Before long, Holmes is challenged by a deadly but beautiful stranger. In a spectacular final showdown, their vengeful enemy proves just how far they're willing to go.

In this beautifully written rendering of the Holmes universe, and the highly anticipated finale of the Odyssey of Sherlock Holmes Trilogy, Paul D. Gilbert continues the legacy of Conan Doyle.

Author:  Paul Gilbert

ISBN:  9781804240342

Format:  Casebound Hardcover

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