The Hidden Case: The Seventh Holmes & Co. Story

The Hidden Case: The Seventh Holmes & Co. Story

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A quiet street... A mysterious man... An old secret...

After a harsh winter, 1947 has settled on Baker Street. Irene Holmes is restless and determined to find a case, no matter how big or small. When Joe Watson's girlfriend, Sarah, moves into a new house with her friends, and a man is seen walking up and down the street, Irene leaps at the mystery - whether there's one or not. After a few failed leads, and not one strange occurrence, Irene is almost ready to give up. Then, a string of break-ins on Sarah's street pulls everyone together into a tale of spies and secrets leftover from the war.

ISBN 9781804244432

Author Allison Osborne

Date 4th June 2024 (pre-publication copies available from this site now)

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