The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Part 1 - 1881-1891 (Complete Jim French Imagination Theatre Scripts) - Paperback

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Radio legend Jim French was already well known for producing excellent radio dramas, as well as creating Imagination Theatre and its “Movies for your mind”. Then, in March 1998, the first episode of "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" was broadcast, with adventures steeped in the finest of old-time radio tradition, while presenting the true Canonical Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

In the following years, Jim French wrote an astonishing 50 original Holmes episodes for the series – these are now collected together in three companion volumes.

In 2017, MX Publishing released Imagination Theatre’s Sherlock Holmes, a volume featuring scripts from the show that were contributed by Mr. French, as well as each of the other fifteen writers who had written the 130-plus Holmes episodes for the show. All author royalties were donated to the preservation of Undershaw, one of the former homes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sadly, Mr. French passed away in early 2018, soon after the book’s publication, but his legacy lives on.

Now, in honor of both Jim French and his Sherlockian legacy, we present The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Jim French Imagination Theatre Scripts, a three-volume set containing all fifty of Mr. French’s Holmes scripts.

Hopefully you were lucky enough to hear these adventures when they were broadcast by Imagination Theatre. Now they are offered in text form as well. These scripts are some of the finest Holmesian storytelling to be found, with stories about the Canonical Sherlock Holmes, the man described by Watson as “the best and wisest . . . whom I have ever known.”

Fifty Original Sherlock Holmes Scripts by Jim French with forewords by Lawrence Albert (Imagination Theatre’s “Dr. Watson”) John Patrick Lowrie (Imagination Theatre’s “Sherlock Holmes”) and David Marcum

All royalties from this collection are being donated by thewriters for the benefit of the preservation of Undershaw, one of the former homes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Author:  Edited by David Marcum
ISBN-13: 978-1787054912  Pages: 440  Publication Date: 21st Nov 2019