The Feats of Sherlock Holmes

The Feats of Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson return in six further adventures which display the great detective’s brilliance once more. In these adventures set across the span of the duo’s lives at 221b Baker Street, Holmes and Watson travel from the highest realms of society to the lowest dens of criminality across London in pursuit of the solution to a host of baffling mysteries. What secret does a simple wedding ring hold? What has become of a young woman fleeing the country? Can Holmes uncover the truth of a haunted house which has baffled all of London? These are but a few of the questions which shall be answered as the pages of Dr. Watson’s notebooks are opened once more to reveal The Feats of Sherlock Holmes.

Author Name: Nick Cardillo

ISBN: 9781787053878 

Page count: 272 

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