The Disappearance Of Inspector Lestrade

The Disappearance Of Inspector Lestrade

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Dr. John H. Watson is a man of medical science, a man of action and a man of letters.  His life has been one of adventure and romance.  In 1894 he finds himself alone following the death of his great friend Sherlock Holmes three years earlier and now the passing of his beloved wife, Mary.  His loneliness is all encompassing and only a true friend can help him to see there is still reason to continue living.  But when that friend, Inspector G. Lestrade of Scotland Yard suddenly and mysteriously disappears, Dr. Watson takes it upon himself to discover the reason for the abduction.  

Watson is thwarted in his investigation by his friend's brother, Mycroft Holmes and by the unseen culprits responsible for Inspector Lestrade's kidnapping.  Still, Watson battles on, ignoring orders from Her Majesty's Government, from Scotland Yard and from friends who wish only to see the Good Doctor through the darkest time of his life.

Dr. Watson begins to uncover secrets long hidden and the possibility if threats far reaching that could embroil the world in a war never before witnessed.  What is truth and what is fiction is a determination Watson will make for himself with near shocking understanding in the final moments.

Author      Bob Madia

ISBN         9781787056305

Pages       262

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