The Criminal World Of Sherlock Holmes – Volume Three

The Criminal World Of Sherlock Holmes – Volume Three

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In this third collection of essays and investigations into ‘The Criminal World of Sherlock Holmes,’   Kelvin I. Jones shows just why the Holmes stories were so convincingly original. He reveals not only that Conan Doyle was an expert in the subject of criminalistics, but that he knew the identity of Jack the Ripper. The book provides a wide survey of the criminals of the period, including  accounts of its vicious garrotters, cunning coiners and safe breakers, and contains a biography of the king of burglars, Charles Peace. Jones considers the literary antecedents of the crime story which  Doyle  perfected with his character, the forensic consulting detective. This last volume is unique in its depth of research, providing the reader with a fascinating insight into the dark shadow world of Victorian society, and featuring long forgotten accounts of its methods, murders and bloody mayhem.

Kelvin is the author of many books about Holmes, the definitive biography of Doyle as a spiritualist & the 3 volume edition of the author’s spiritualist writings. A distinguished life member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, he has published contemporary crime novels and poetry, and is a member of the Crime Writers’ Association.

“The almost legendary Mr Jones…” 

Roger Johnson, commissioning ed. of The Sherlock Holmes Journal.

“Kelvin Jones takes the reader into Victorian England, walking side by side with the Great Detective…, an all-round, relentless researcher…”

Mark Alberstaat, ed. of Canadian Holmes.

ISBN 9781787058736 

Pages 276

17th March 2024

Third volume in The Criminal World of Sherlock Holmes

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