The Complete Dr. Thorndyke - Volume V: The Mystery of Angelina Frood, The Shadow of the Wolf and The D'Arblay Mystery, Hardcover

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Author Name: R. Austin Freeman

Edited by: David Marcum

Volume V contains the seventh, eighth, and ninth full-length Thorndyke adventures, published in 1924, 1925, and 1926, respectively. With each subsequent narrative, Thorndyke’s skills and abilities grown and amaze.

  • The Mystery of Angelina Frood – In which a doctor, newly arrived in Rochester, falls in love with Angelina Frood. When she abruptly vanishes, only Thorndyke’s skills can discover the truth in a most surprising manner.
  • The Shadow of the Wolf – Two men depart on a boat, but only one returns. What follows is one of the best examples of Thorndyke’s method as he plays a deadly game with the player on the other side.
  • The D’Arblay Mystery – A young doctor discovers a body in a pond. Was it an accident, or suicide, or murder? One thing is certain – the danger has not ended with just one death.

    ISBN: 9781787055407 Page count: 628 Publication-date: 2nd April 2020

    Format: Hardcover