The Case of The Polar Politician (Octavius Bear Book 20)

The Case of The Polar Politician (Octavius Bear Book 20)

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Bearoness Belinda's suggestion that she and Octavius retire has produced some interesting results. Can he actually become a Consulting Detective EMERITUS? They agreed on a one year sabbatical tour with the Twins, away from UUI, the Hexagon and above all, criminals. Off they went to Australia and then three exoplanets in Multiverse Space. In Volumes 18 and 19, they set off on a Caribbean cruise on an ecologically advanced ship -The Solarwind; Now they are back and Belinda is ensconced in her suite at Polar Paradise. But who is this? Three polars appear claiming to be her father, his assistant and her brother. Are they for real and what do they want?

Author     Harry DeMaio

ISBN    9781804244524

Book 20 in the Octavius Bear Series 


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