The American Visitors: The Ninth Holmes & Co. Story

The American Visitors: The Ninth Holmes & Co. Story

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A Famous Film Star.... A Vandalised Poster... A Hunt for a Killer...

London is abuzz with the premiere of the film 'The Thief At Midnight'. The film's American stars, the beautiful Kathleen Carrington and the flirtatious Don Radcliffe, have come to Britain for the red carpet. However, they are met with vandalised posters and a message that clearly someone doesn't want Miss Carrington to leave London alive. They request Irene and Joe specifically to search the hotel the actors are staying at - The Ritz, of course - and the theatre, for any signs of foul play. Just when Irene is about to rule this case a dud, a dead body turns up with the victim bearing a strange resemblance to Miss Kathleen Carrington herself. Irene, Joe, and DI Lestrade are swept up into the glitz and glamour of Hollywood as they attempt to keep the killer from striking again - all while trying to keep a low profile with the two biggest stars in the city.

ISBN 9781804244494

Author Allison Osborne

Date 4th June 2024 (pre-publication copies available from this site now)

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