Tales From The Annals of Sherlock Holmes

Tales From The Annals of Sherlock Holmes

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Seven tales that have appeared in various anthologies, including the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories from master pastiche author Arthur Hall.

A client who is uncertain of his brother's demise; a priest with a curious accent; a headless body recovered from the Thames. Is Holmes correct in deducing that these things indicate a threat to the Prime Minister?

Why is Mr Michael Burlott constantly stalked by a man he does not know?

The Whitechapel murders continue. Is the murderer known as 'Jack the Ripper' still at large?

A previous client enlists Holmes' help in convincing his cousin that she is not mad.

Why does Miss Elinora Todd deceive her brother by claiming to have meetings with a deceased woman?

Miss Laura Willis engages Holmes to discover why she was abducted and left to starve to death.

Inspector Lestrade asks Holmes to enquire into the sudden disappearance of a colleague.

Author Arthur Hall

Pages 204

ISBN 9781787056961

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