Sissy Holmes and The Case of The Dead Hypnotist

Sissy Holmes and The Case of The Dead Hypnotist

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What is reincarnation? Sissy Holmes doesn’t have a clue until a hypnotist (soon to be dead) delves too deeply into her psyche. The voice inside her head says he’s Sherlock Holmes and wants to investigate the murder. Sissy thinks she must be crazy.

As events unfold, she’s convinced she has no choice but to investigate with the help of Sherlock Holmes and her best friend El.

Author        Mary Stojak 

ISBN            9781804240717

Pages         264

Date            22nd June


About The Author

Mary Stojak is a long-time Sherlockian enthusiast, an SOB, Sherlockians of Baltimore, and more recently a member of Watson’s Tin Box. She’s published many short stories including a handful about Sissy and El’s exploits.

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