Sherlock Holmes: The Synchrony Stratagem - Digital Version

Sherlock Holmes: The Synchrony Stratagem - Digital Version

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Since Sherlock Holmes first learned of the sinister house of ruthless criminals, his focus has been two-fold; stop the organization from accomplishing any more ruinous felonious acts and, more importantly, uncover the criminal genius behind the whole enterprise. In a compressed timeframe, and relying on his trusted companion, Dr. John H. Watson, and a cadre of colleagues, Holmes was able to devise schemes to prevent the kidnapping of a family member of the English throne, upend an attempt on the life of the German Emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II, and stop simultaneous assassination efforts against Queen Victoria and President Carnot of France. 

Yet, despite all of these successes, Holmes seemed no closer to learning who was orchestrating all this malicious activity. However, before Holmes could focus on identifying his foe, yet another gauntlet has been thrown down in his path. A cryptic telegram from his brother Mycroft calls him back to London post haste.Another threat to the stability of the nation has arisen and Holmes is once again called upon to use every bit of his skill, ingenuity, and strategy to solve this latest mystery. With every fiber of his being, Holmes hopes solving this latest puzzle will finally bring him closer to learning the identity of the man with whom he has been blindly matching wits, and enable him to bring that villain to justice.

Sinister House Book 3

Also available in paperback and hardcover.

Author    James Heatherly

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