Sherlock Holmes The Four-Handed Game - Hardcover

Sherlock Holmes The Four-Handed Game - Hardcover

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In the fog of London town, a man is hounded by mysterious attackers. Each morning John Harden is silently menaced by a different passenger on his train. Objects keep disappearing in his house, then reappearing in bizarre places. Is he losing his mind, or can Holmes and Watson find a pattern to this sly terrorisation?

Holmes and Watson are just coming to grips with this mystery when another lands on their doorstep. So marks the beginning of an unprecedented spate of cases, each more alarming than the next: a tormented translator, an assaulted actress, a murder with the hallmarks of Jack the Ripper...

It can be no coincidence that the world's greatest detective is presented with so many cases at once. The crimes have been designed with the sole aim of bringing him face-to-face with a deadly adversary.

Holmes and Watson are drawn into a dangerous four-handed game against an organisation of immense power and ruthless intent.

In a dastardly final move, their foe make the consequences of losing the game appallingly concrete.

In the second part of the beautifully written Odyssey of Sherlock Holmes Trilogy, Paul D. Gilbert pitches Holmes and Watson against a teeming criminal underworld.

Author     Paul Gilbert

ISBN       9781804240335

Format     Casebound Hardcover

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