Sherlock Holmes – The Baker Street Archive - Paperback

Sherlock Holmes – The Baker Street Archive - Paperback

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About This Book:

"Mower ably emulates Conan Doyle in his solid fifth pastiche collection... Two of the six stories stand out as worthy of the best pasticheurs." Publishers Weekly

Following the success of the earlier volume, The Baker Street Epilogue, we have another collection of previously unknown Holmes and Watson tales to excite the interests of readers across the globe - The Baker Street Archive.

A decade before his death, Dr. Watson let it be known that with his passing he wished his nephew, Christopher Henry Watson MD, to be the executor of his will and guardian of all his personal and pecuniary affairs. One of the tasks he sanctioned was that his nephew should use his discretion in selecting for publication some of the three dozen or so cases involving Holmes and Watson which had not already seen the light of day.

The six stories in this new volume are more overlooked gems. From the seemingly supernatural challenge of The Neckar Reawakening to the seasonal conundrum of The Yuletide Heist, there is, as ever, much to entertain and enthral us.

As before, all of these tales are designed to contribute in some small part to the lasting memory of two extraordinary men who once occupied that setting we have come to know and love as 221B Baker Street. Once more, ‘The game is afoot!’

Author:     Mark Mower

ISBN:        9781804240441     

Format:    Paperback

Date:        24th October 2022

Pages:      176

Also available as Hardcover

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