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Sherlock Holmes Studies in Legacy

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Author Name: Luke Kuhns

There is nothing more tragic than a story left untold. At least that is what Sherlock Holmes thought. Through his urgings Doctor Watson opens his tin dispatch box to recall a series of strange and grotesque events which consumed their daily lives in the early months of 1899. Follow Holmes and Watson as they tackle an unusual case of hysteria, race through fires in Whitechapel, find mystery and murder in a seaside village, and discover what strange game is afoot when an assault in the confines of 221b sends Holmes and Watson racing against time towards a deadly and toxic end! One thing is certain, sometimes the most deadly villain is their legacy. The Untold Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 2.

ISBN: 9781780924205 Page count: 232 Publication-date: 15th May 2013

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