Sherlock Holmes - Playing the Game

Sherlock Holmes - Playing the Game

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The great man, Sherlock Holmes, is soon to retire. On his last night in Baker Street, the loyal landlady drops a bombshell. Holmes is staggered. Mrs Hudson has done what!? Sherlock Holmes never panics--until now. Dr Watson arrives and is stunned. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is furious. A famous author turned WW1 counter-intelligence spy is on the case. The Strand Magazine smells a scoop. Inspector Lestrade from Scotland Yard plans revenge, and at stake is the brilliant reputation of the world's most famous consulting detective. His only hope is to 'play the game'. From the author of The Real Sherlock Holmes, Nursing Holmes, Sherlock Stock and Barrel and The Schoolboy Sherlock Holmes.

Author: Cenarth Fox

Publisher: Fox Plays

Pages: 192

ISBN: 9780949175427

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