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Sherlock Holmes On The Air

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About This Book:

A collection of eleven scripts from the American radio series The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. This collection is ideal for the Conan Doyle enthusiast, the budding scriptwriter or any actors/performers who have ever dreamed of taking part in an original Sherlock Holmes drama. 

The eleven scripts:

1. The Amateur Mendicant Society: this tantalisingly referred-to but non-described canonical case is fleshed out here, and in a satisfactory manner.
2. The Ripper Inheritance: an original pastiche, and deals with a grim & haunting subject.
3. The Moriarty Resurrection: no, it is not the reverse of "The Empty House", but it IS rather special.
4. The Adventure of The Two Watsons: Sir Arthur didn't do justice to Mary Morstan, but this time Holmes (as well as we all) get to appreciate her own talent, in a story laced with humour.
5. The Adventure of The Perfect Match: a grim and serious story that contrasts sharply with the preceding one.
6. The Adventure of The French Compass: a Christmas adventure, but involving death, mystery and pain.
7. The Adventure of The Parisian Assassin: this story is special because it is the transformation of a famous Conan Doyle story ("The Lost Special") into an adventure of Sherlock Holmes.
8. The Adventure of The Edelweiss Lodge, Parts I & II: the mystery in this adventure was not so difficult to solve, but it was the humour permeating the lines & acts that made this story very special.
9. A Study In Scarlet: a canonical production, but abridged & re-modelled.
10. The Return of Sherlock Holmes: a combined production of two of the most important canonical adventures ("The Final Problem" & "The Empty House"), but presented in the author's unique style.

ISBN: 9781780921037

Page count: 356 

Author Name: Matthew J Elliott

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