Sherlock Holmes - Eliminate The Impossible - Hardcover

Sherlock Holmes - Eliminate The Impossible - Hardcover

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In The Sign of Four, the great detective, Sherlock Holmes, famously says: “… when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth …”.

Eliminate the Impossible collects six canonical tales in which Holmes and Watson encounter mummies, angels, phantoms, invisible assassins, and arcane machines … or so it might appear to those without a carefully stocked brain attic.

From Medieval London, to the snow-capped mountains Turkey, from dusty Admiralty vaults, to the glitz and glamour of the Orient Express, from the days of fledgling friendship, to the backdrop of World War I, this new collection invites you to celebrate deduction, forensic science, and logic … and Eliminate the Impossible.

Six stories from various volumes of The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories.

Author       Paula Hammond

Editor         David Marcum

Date           19th April 2024

iSBN          9781804244067

Also available in Paperback


The Bleeding Heart Mystery
“Places don’t get named Bleeding Heart Yard on a whim!” So begins a case that takes Holmes and Watson into the heart of hidden London. But just what is the real secret of Bleeding Heart Yard — and what does it have to do with a Medieval murder?

The Case of the Impossible Assassin
When two of the Sultan of Turkey’s closest advisors are discovered dead, Holmes and Watson find themselves embroiled in a web of deceit and trickery. With revolutionaries and the secret police trying to muddy the waters, can they discover the truth before they, too, fall victim to a seemingly invisible assassin?

The Adventure of the Cable Street Mummy
Forty years before Holmes was born, the Shadwell Slaughterer had been London’s most infamous murderer. Now — with the curious mummified remains of the murderer in his possession — Holmes finds himself embroiled in the coldest of cases, and for the strangest of reasons.

The Two Goodly Gentlemen
When Inspector Hopkins calls at Baker Street one gloomy evening, he has a gruesome story to tell. Two men burn to death in a locked room. Their bodies, reduced to dust, but nothing else in the room even scorched. Can Holmes solve the mystery, or are more sinister forces at play?

The Backwater Affair
Just how was someone able to walk into a locked safe, in the basement of one of Whitehall’s most secure rooms, and walk away with secret plans whose loss imperils the Empire? Ancient Egypt, arcane machines, and impossible weapons are the pieces of a puzzle that Holmes must put together.

The Singular Case of Dr. Butler
With Britain at war, Watson has gone back to school, to prepare new medical students for the horrors of the battlefield. When a brilliant young doctor empties his revolver into a colleague, Holmes is enlisted to discover why — and just what the Angel of Mons has to do with it.


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