Sherlock Holmes and The Roswell Incident

Sherlock Holmes and The Roswell Incident

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About This Book:

Five years after Jenny Winston vanishes the night of the infamous Roswell UFO crash, Holmes and Watson must solve the mystery of the young woman’s disappearance. Immediately they find themselves in a web of Cold War intrigue, stolen secrets, double agents, and double crosses all connected to the mystery of Roswell. Was the crash a weather balloon, as the Air Force insists? Was it a top-secret experiment? Or was it an alien space ship as one witness reported? Until Holmes and Watson learn the truth, no one may be trusted. Joining forces with feisty Agent Piper Sands, Holmes and Watson must stay one step ahead of The Caretaker, a formidable Soviet assassin who also wants to know the truth behind the Roswell incident. Flying along at supersonic speed, Sherlock Holmes and the Roswell Incident builds to a dizzying conclusion at two of the worlds’ most famous landmarks.

Author Name: Michael Druce

ISBN: 9781787052987 

Page count: 224 

Publication-date: 21st June 2018

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