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Sherlock Holmes and The Return of The Whitechapel Vampire

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About This Book:

Bodies washing up along the eastern coast of New England and the mysterious grounding of a “ghost ship” near Manhattan combine to bring Sherlock Holmes out of retirement to resume his pursuit of the villainous Baron Antonio Barlucci—the Whitechapel Vampire. But when he arrives in London to enlist the assistance of Dr. Watson, the good doctor has reservations.

It’s been twenty-five years since Holmes and Watson hunted Barlucci, twenty-five years since they learned the baron was buried beneath a mountain of ice and snow.
Has Holmes’ preoccupation with Barlucci driven him to see connections where none exist?Have his powers of deduction gone stale while in retirement? Has Watson’s worst fear, that Holmes’ obsession with the baron has unbalanced his finely tuned psyche, come true?
Sherlock Holmes and the Return of the Whitechapel Vampire is the exciting finalé to the Whitechapel Vampire Trilogy. In this final chapter, Holmes must face more than evil. He must face his own mortality—the only certainty in an uncertain world.

Book 3 in the Whitechapel Vampire Series.

Author Name: Dean Turnbloom

ISBN: 9781780928180

Page count: 240

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