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Sherlock Holmes and the Menacing Melbournian

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Burgeoning, brash and bold, a new Metropolis has burst forth from the golden soil of Terra Australis, proclaiming its virtues but harbouring many of the evils of old which have been attracted by fortunes won from the Earth itself.
Shadowy figures menacingly emerge from distant wars to deprive the unwitting of that which has been earned by honest toil.  One such figure wends its way across continents to stake a much larger claim on a much older Metropolis to help establish a kingdom of fear and domination.
Resolutely, relentlessly, our deerstalker-decked detective must once more rhythmically rhyme his way along a perilous path fighting forces of evil, evil which refuses to be quelled but is known to him and his forthright companion as the Menacing Melbournian.

Author Name: Allan Mitchell

ISBN: 9781780929651

Page count: 192

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