Sherlock Holmes and the Ley Line Murders

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Author Name: Allan Mitchell

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The mists of Britain’s insula antiquity have drifted into the modernity of the nineteenth century bringing with them echoes of the savage rituals of its ancient peoples. The Press has fuelled the Public’s fear over dismembered victims discovered at the intersection of ancient ley-lines, points on the landscape where logic is defied and science is rendered impotent as ancient forces emerge menacingly from the living Earth itself. Sherlock Holmes finds he must anchor his superior mind on solid ground to uncover the truth and deliver justice for the victims as the reader accompanies the Intrepid Doctor Watson and the Great Sleuth as they conquer their innermost fears when encountering the mysteries of Britain’s ancient Ley Lines, the Ancient Ways.

ISBN: 9781787051300   Page count: 332   Publication-date: 14th September 2017