Murderers Row (McCabe and Cody Casebooks - Volume 2)

Murderers Row (McCabe and Cody Casebooks - Volume 2)

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There's no holiday from homicide for amateur sleuth Sebastian McCabe and his long-suffering brother-in-law, Jeff Cody. Murderers' Row, their second casebook of shorter stories, collects three adventures connected with what should have been happy occasions.

When Meg Russert's destination wedding on the tropical island of Barbados becomes A Destination Murder, Mac is a fish out of water dealing with a local police inspector less than impressed by his qualifications as a detective. But, as usual, Mac special help from a friend in high places. But will it be enough?

Erin's annual Independence Day parade takes a stunning turn when a controversial activist looking on from the sidelines turns up Dead on the Fourth of July. Jeff, who was watching the victim the entire time, swears that only a magician could have committed this impossible crime!

When the estranged husband of an Erin Eagles supporter is shot to death outside the team stadium, Mac and Jeff find themselves involved in the offbeat world of independent minor league baseball. By the end of the case, Jeff solves a different mystery and loses blood.


ISBN: 9781787056060

Page count: 238 

Author Name: Dan Andriacco

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