Mrs. Hudson For The Defense

Mrs. Hudson For The Defense

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"You're needed, Mr. Holmes. I'm to bring you to Inspector Lestrade. Dr. Watson has been accused of murder." The words from Thomas Wiggins, now a junior printer, formerly the leader of the Baker Street Irregulars, rouses Holmes from the company of bees outside his cottage in Sussex Downs to return to London and save his friend and colleague from the gallows. To his surprise, he will have the recently retired Detective Inspector Lestrade as an important ally. Unsurprisingly, he will be joined by his former landlady and mentor, Mrs. Hudson, the true sage of Baker Street. She will, however, first have to be released from custody as she has been jailed for her part in demonstrating on behalf of votes for women. Indeed, not only has Watson been wrongfully accused, so have two prominent suffragettes Mrs. Hudson encountered in the course of her own arrest, and it will be up to Mrs. Hudson to guide the exoneration of all the innocent parties. In the process she and Holmes will find it necessary to outmaneuver both Scotland Yard and London's own fledgling version of the Mafia.

Author   Barry Brown

ISBN       9781804244654

Book 8 in the Mrs.Hudson of Baker Street series


Barry S Brown is the author of seven previous attempts to alert readers to an accurate understanding of events at 221B Baker Street. More particularly, it has become his mission to inform a recalcitrant world of the real achievements of the woman who is nominally nothing more than the landlady at that address. She is, in fact, the head of London's premier consulting detective agency. Given the difficulties faced by women in assuming managerial roles during the Victorian Era, let alone managing a crime fighting organization, Mrs. Hudson found it necessary to recruit Sherlock Holmes as a male figurehead. Together with Dr. John Watson they constitute a formidable team, whose real character is yet to be understood and appreciated.

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