Irregular Lives: The Untold Story of Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars

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Author Name: Kim Krisco

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Sherlock Holmes’s relationship with the band of street Arabs known at the Baker Street Irregulars has largely been untold . . . until now.

Holmes sometimes relied upon a gang of adolescent boys and girls who he recruited from the slums of London. Indeed, some of Sherlock Holmes’s most bizarre cases involved the irregulars: a hideous execution of a man who had been strapped to the barrel of cannon, a fiend who hoped he could live forever on the blood of others, and the largest jewel robbery in Britain.

Irregular Lives begins in post WWI London, when Holmes visits a mysterious photography exhibit that has him recall adventures with Wiggins, Ugly, Kate, and other members of his urban army. But, his reminiscences are merely a prelude to a thrilling adventure that begins when a jolly reunion with the irregulars abruptly erupts in a terrible tragedy.

If you were ever curious about how Holmes shaped and changed the lives of the irregulars, and how they transformed his life . . . then, this is the book for you.

ISBN: 9781787050327 Page count: 374 Publication-date: 16th November 2016