Holmes Sweet Holmes (McCabe and Cody Book 2)

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 Author Name: Dan Andriacco

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Writer-actor-director Peter Gerard’s latest film was a smash hit, but some fans of Sherlock Holmes were outraged. Why? Because 221 B Bourbon Street portrayed the beloved detective as a goateed, saxophone-playing southern American working in 1920s New Orleans!

Was it a disgruntled Sherlockian or someone else who hated Gerard enough to kill him – twice? That’s what mystery writer and college professor Sebastian McCabe, assisted by brother-in-law Jeff Cody, must find out before McCabe’s own disgraceful involvement in the affair comes to light. And it will take a little stage magic to do it.

Amidst this challenging mystery, Jeff’s complicated relationship with the lovely journalist Lynda Teal seems to be reaching a definitive resolution just as Jeff approaches his birthday.

Readers who so enjoyed the best-selling No Police Like Holmes will find this sequel packed with the same suspense, surprises, and sharp humor that characterized the debut adventure of Sebastian McCabe and Jeff Cody.    

ISBN: 9781780921402 Page count: 272 Publication-date: 1st May 2012