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The Happy Life Story - Free Digital PDF Download

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About This Book:

This most recent edition of The Happy Life Story tells the history of an inspiring children's home project near Nairobi, Kenya. It is told through the eyes of Sharon Emecz, who after twenty years on the corporate treadmill in London, took a career break and spent a month in Africa including volunteering at Happy Life. The Children's Home was founded in 2002 to "Provide the abandoned children of Kenya with a Home and a Hope for adoption.." This is the heart-warming story of a small group of people saving the lives of hundreds of children and arranging for many of these children to be adopted into "Forever Homes." Since 2002 over 500 children have been rescued with 300 being adopted.

Happy Life Children's Home now has 3 missions: To rescue and enable adoptions; to provide a Christian education, and to provide pediatric care in the Jesse Kay Children's Hospital. To accomplish this mission there are 2 Campuses: one campus is for infants to 3 years of age and the Hospital while the other campus is for the children who are 3 years and older. At this campus there is a church, Happy Life Christian School, and 3-bedroom homes for the children.

The first edition was completed when Sharon and her husband, Steve, returned from their 2nd Christmas at Happy Life. This new edition shares the great progress from 2014-2018. There are new stories, case studies, and news about the School and the Children's Hospital. All royalties from the book go to Happy Life Children's Home. More information is available at the Web Site: ""

Enjoy the "STORY" and come to visit!

ISBN: 9781787052697


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