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Golem's Shadow: The Fall of Sherlock Holmes

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About This Book:

Reichenbach was not his deepest fall…. Autumn 1903 has not been kind to Sherlock Holmes. Irene Adler, his platonic love, is dead, and the detective has again fallen into the clutches of cocaine. Dr Watson hopes that the distraction of a marriage fraud case can help pull his friend out of his depression. But it soon becomes clear that behind the apparently banal crime lurks something much more sinister, something that will take Holmes and Watson to faraway Bohemia, where they must face an unimaginably terrible enemy. A corpse has been discovered on the grave of Rabbi Loew and Prague's Jews are whispering about the Golem...

ISBN: 9781780927268
Page count: 232
Author Name: Petr Macek

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