Arthur Conan Doyle 7 inch 3D Printed Bust

Arthur Conan Doyle 7 inch 3D Printed Bust

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Material - PLA 

Height: 7 Inches; Width: 3.5 Inches; Depth: 4 Inches

This is a 3D printed bust of Arthur Conan Doyle. This one is printed in a marble and bronze PLA, giving it a realistic stone look and a surprise whenever someone picks it up to discover it's actual weight. It is more durable than alabaster or plaster, and is washable with lukewarm soapy water for easy spring cleaning. It comes on a custom plinth that has his lifetime on the front, and the quote:

"Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius"

It stands 7 inches tall, about 3.5 inches wide, and 4 inches deep. 

This is a 3D printed product, so there may be minor defects (rough edges, bumps, etc).

Printed in PLA, an organic non-toxic plastic made from corn and is biodegradable, yet very strong. PLA will not degrade under normal use, but will break down when buried.

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