Analysing The Canon - Reviewing The Sherlock Holmes Stories Bundle

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The ultimate collection of books that review the complete Sherlock Holmes Canon:

- Eliminate The Impossible

"Eliminate the Impossible is well written and entertaining. The story summaries are concise and accurate, and the notes are frequently incisive." Sherlock Holmes Society of London

- 56 Stories in 56 days

To celebrate the release of her novel Barefoot on Baker Street, Charlotte Anne Walters undertook the task of reading and reviewing one of the original Sherlock Holmes short stories every day until she had completed all 56.  The reviews were posted daily on her blog and attracted viewers from all over the world.   The reviews are full of humour and Holmesian insight, ending in a score out of ten for each story.  This book contains all 56 blogs plus additional material including reviews of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s four Holmes novels. 

- Sherlockian Musings: Thoughts on the Sherlock Holmes Stories

In this collection of essays (or “Musings”) on each of the 60 stories, Dr. Goldfarb, an award-nominated mystery writer himself and the holder of a PhD in English literature, light-heartedly tries out a variety of perspectives, allowing readers to come to their own conclusions about such matters as the nature of the angel in “A Case of Identity” or the reason Holmes abandons his magnifying glass for binoculars in “Silver Blaze.”  Who brings binoculars to a horse race?  Indeed.


Authors: Alistair Duncan, Charlotte Walters and Sheldon Goldfarb 


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