A Case For The Birds (Octavius Bear Book 15)

A Case For The Birds (Octavius Bear Book 15)

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Caleb Cassowary's carcass is floating in near earth orbit, done in by his former assistant Byzz Bonobo. But the saga lingers on. Before succumbing, he set in motion a series of potential cyberattacks designed to wreak havoc on Earth and other planets as part of his plan for cosmic conquest.

One of the less civilized exoplanets in the Milky Way is the one we refer to as Biosphere X - the Home World of a population of highly aggressive and paranoid birds. Earth has been attacked by them several times and has retaliated quite destructively. This volume relates the continual struggle. You will have ample opportunity to meet the villains, hiss and boo as you fly through these pages.

C'mon In! The Mayhem's Fine! Oh, Surprise Ending. Don't Cheat!

ISBN      9781787058057

Pages    150

Author   Harry DeMaio

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