Thank Holmes It's Friday - May 10th 2024 - A Daniel D. Victor Special

It's that time again - Thanks Holmes it's Friday! This week, embark on a thrilling adventure with Sherlock Holmes as he mingles with the most iconic literary giants. Dive into the heart of Daniel D. Victor's Sherlock Holmes and the American Literati series, where you'll witness our beloved detective interact with legends such as Raymond Chandler, Mark Twain, Stephen Crane, Jack London, and beyond.

Every installment in this collection places American literary titans in unexpected roles within Holmes' sagas. Whether as a hapless victim, an ally, a source of information or a trusted adviser, each narrative strip reveals fresh facets of Holmes' unparalleled gift for solving mysteries through keen observation and logical deduction.

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Like the novels, Daniel's two short story collections have connections to the world of belles lettres - the world of literature - some to celebrated authors in particular, others to themes or stories associated with literary masters. From Maupassant to Stevenson to Fitzgerald, the authorial giants who populate these pages lend their essence to the series. Yet, amid these literary wonders, the core of Sherlock Holmes shines through – a relentless pursuit of justice against the backdrop of ruthless crimes and chilling deeds.





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The Final Page of Baker Street (American Literati Book 1)

Seventeen Minutes to Baker Street (American Literati Book 2)

Sherlock Holmes and the Shadows of St Petersburg (standalone novel)

The Adventure of the Smith-Mortimer Succession (a short story)

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