Thank Holmes Its Friday - April 19th 2024 - Getting Yet More Creative

It's that time again - Thanks Holmes it's Friday. Today marks National Poetry and Creative Mind Day, and so we invite you to explore some of the more inventive interpretations of Sherlock Holmes. Dive into a universe where Holmes hops through alternative realities, tangles with mythical creatures and emerges in places you least expect. Our "Get Creative" collection is brimming with even more wonders for each and every curious mind.

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Dive into a world where Sherlock twists and twirls through fantastical mash-ups and bold, fresh takes on the legendary detective. Leading the adventure is Harry DeMaio with his Octavius Bear series, featuring Holmes with a wild side and sniffing out mysteries like never before. Next is Joseph Svec who ingeniously knits together two classics of literature, with his zany fusion of Sherlock Holmes and Alice in Wonderland. You'll find these and other books just brimming with imagination in our "Get Creative" collection. We've even thrown in a concoction of kids' stories, colouring and sketch books - perfect for young detectives and the eternally youthful at heart.





Plunge into some detective shenanigans with the ultimate Sherlock Holmes Quiz Book - it's a hoot and brain booster to boot! From the timeless tales of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to the adventures in Sherlock and Elementary, across a century of Holmes on the big screen and TV waves, the book is crammed with 1000 brain-teasers to put every couch detective's grey cells to the test. Whether you're team Rathbone or Brett, a Cumberbatch enthusiast or a Miller devotee, whether you unravel mysteries with a classic magnifying glass or swipe through clues on your smartphone, here are riddles, puzzles, and mysteries to stump even the sharpest of sleuths.

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Step into another dimension where art meets literature in spectacular fashion. Within the expanse of four rich volumes, Phil Growick masterfully unites the imaginative prowess of skilled artists with the captivating narratives of world-class Holmes' writers.

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The Open and Shut Case: Octavius Bear Book 1 by Harry DeMaio

Sherlock Holmes and The Menacing Metropolis by Allan Mitchell

Sherlock Cat and the Thwarted Thespian by Heather Edwards

Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of Grinning Cat by Joseph W Svec III