Thank Holmes Its Friday - April 12th 2024 - Getting Creative

It's that time again - Thanks Holmes it's Friday. Next week marks National Poetry and Creative Mind Day, and hence this edition is dedicated to celebrating the magic of creativity. From the brilliant Art of Sherlock Holmes series to the enchanting realms of poetry and song, we invite you to immerse yourself in this captivating compilation of imagination and creativity.

Get ready to unravel mysteries with a touch of creative flair?




Step into another dimension where art meets literature in spectacular fashion. This four volume collection curated by Phil Growick combines the visual mastery of talented artists with the brilliant storytelling of world-class Holmes authors. Showcasing a variety of artistic techniques, each piece of artwork perfectly complements the expert prose, drawing you into the throes of mystery. You'll be captivated by every stroke of the brush and every twist in the plot. It's a match made in detective heaven!

"The Art of Sherlock Holmes" offers an experience that transcends traditional reading; it immerses you in a world where words intertwine with art, leaving you spellbound and craving for more. It's a true testament to the enduring legacy of our beloved detective."

And for all you artsy types out there, you can enjoy The Art of Sherlock Holmes in a myriad of different ways. 55 of the 56 masterpieces are available as wall prints, cushion covers, mugs, and a whole lot more!

Dive into a preview now and then follow our quick links to start your shopping adventure when inspiration strikes. Alternatively, you can just hop over to Redbubble and explore by product or by design.





Mike Foy has fastidiously curated the varied illustrations showcased in the canonical stories and beyond. The first volume of "A Study In Illustrations" is overwhelmingly Sidney Paget, so buckle up for a tribute to his captivating work. Every illustration in here will transport you to the foggy streets of London, the eerie moors of Dartmoor, and the epic showdown at Reichenbach Falls. As you progress through subsequent volumes, you'll be treated to the genius of skilled artists worldwide as well as enter the world of Sherlock Holmes in glorious colour.





We transition from the world of art to that of rhythm and sound. First up is a collection of 60 songs by Jim Ballinger that offer a musical journey through the world of Sherlock Holmes. In his book, Sherlock Holmes In Song, you'll find the original music and lyrics, all carefully edited by Mark Alberstat. The tunes range from traditional rock vibes to old-timey Victorian tunes, Gilbert and Sullivan-style patter songs, sea shanties, and and a touch of yodeling near the iconic Reichenbach Falls - this book has it all.

Next up is the Menacing series by Allan Mitchell. These extraordinary tales are not just ordinary stories; they flow with a rhythm and charm that will captivate your imagination. As audiobooks each word vibrates with life, intertwining the mystery deeper into your consciousness - a true feast for your senses.



Whether its bringing a classic Sherlock Holmes scene to life with LEGO® bricks or getting creative with a colouring book, we have your covered. You'll also discover yet more charm and wit in "The Lighter Side of Holmes" and the dynamic storytelling of our Graphic Novels. There's something for everyone in our "Get Creative" collection.




To claim your free audiobooks just let us know which of the following titles you're after,and voila, your codes and download link will pop up in your inbox in no time. It's that simple.

Sherlock Holmes and The Menacing Moors by Allan Mitchell

Sherlock Holmes - The Poet and his Muse By Orlando Pearson

The Adventures of Swearlot Holmes - Earle Wilkinson - just ensure the vicar is well out of earshot!

The Baron of Brede Place (Sherlock Holmes and the American Literati) by Dan Victor

The Adventure of the Inn on the Marsh (a short story from The Art of Sherlock Holmes by Denis O Smith)

The Adventure of the Missing Link (a short story from The Art of Sherlock Holmes by David Marcum)

The Coffee Trader's Dilemma (a short story from The Art of Sherlock Holmes Book 37) by Derrick Belanger