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Thank you for supporting The Strand Magazine. Here at MX Publishing, we are offering five complimentary audio codes with every Magazine subscription.

Simply complete this short request form, informing us of the five audiobooks you would like to download. You have a list of ten to choose from.

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Please choose five audiobooks from this list of ten: 

1. The Amateur Executioner: Enoch Hale Meets Sherlock Holmes

2. Shadowfall, a Novel of Sherlock Holmes

3. Sherlock Holmes and Young Winston: The Deadwood Stage

4. Holmes In Time For Christmas

5. No Police Like Holmes

6. Sherlock Holmes and the Texas Adventure

7. A Farewell to Baker Street

8. The Case of the Russian Chessboard: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery Only Now Revealed

9. Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of The Raven's Call

10. Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Tainted Canister