Sherlock Sunday - May 2024 - The Heart of Victorian Crime

MX Publishing brings you another Sherlock Sunday and once again we invite our readers to to delve into the shadowy realms of the Victorian criminal underworld, masterfully unraveled by Holmes. In our carefully curated "Holmes and Crime" collection we showcase a variety of books that transcend conventional storytelling by delving into the plethora of investigative techniques employed by the master sleuth. Some of these works take a lighthearted tone and others penned by eminent Victorian criminology scholars.



From Kelvin Jones' indispensable perspectives on the homicide and mayhem that characterised the era to Marcia Wilson who masterfully tells her stories from the point of view of Scotland Yard a world of adventure becks every Sherlock Holmes aficionado, crime fanatic, and lover of investigation mysteries. Enjoy 3 books for the price of 2 today.



From his uncanny ability to observe minute details to his astute deductive reasoning skills, Holmes has become an icon of intelligence and intuition. Those with an interest in criminology will find this article by Giles Renaud of the Ontario Court of Justice fascinating. He offers investigative insights drawn from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, delving into A Scandal in Bohemia to bring to life modern detective controversies. It's a masterclass in combining witness interviews and suspect interrogations with the critical skills of judgment and human understanding, all while highlighting the crucial role of professionalism in protecting our communities. 



We invite you to download these four FREE audiobooks from this week's handpicked collection. Share with us your choice of audiobooks and within a few days your free codes and download link will appear in your inbox. It's that simple!

  • Sherlock Holmes and The Thames Murders By Johanna M. Reike
  • An Element of Deceit: A Sherlock Holmes Case by James Moffett
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Element of Surprise: The Wormwood Scrubs Enigma by James Andrew Taylor
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Whitechapel Murders by Mark Sohn