Sherlock Holmes Kickstarters

Kickstarter campaigns are a great way to get unique rewards and deals on Sherlock Holmes books and projects.

Here are the projects running at the moment and recent completed ones:

Live Campaigns

Sherlock Holmes and The Justice Master (click)

Arthur Hall's 6th Sherlock Holmes novel.

Rewards - novels, short story collections, PDFs, paperbacks, signed copies and characters in the next book

Hæstingas: The valiant fall of England in verse (click)

Dragons, mythical beasts, mighty warriors and perilous forests. This is England in 1066  - it's not a Holmes Kickstarter, but the author James is a Holmes writer so some nice Sherlock rewards.
Rewards - novels, PDFs and paperbacks from Holmes author James Moffett

The Cases of SHERLOCK HOLMES and SOLAR PONS (click)

18 new adventures edited by David Marcum


Recent Campaigns

The Complete Dr Thorndyke

The Curious Book of New Sherlock Holmes Characters

Sherlock Holmes - Remarkable Power of Stimulus

Sherlock Holmes and The London Dock Deaths

The Casebooks of Inspector Armstrong