Sherlock Holmes Events

We love running Sherlock Holmes events - whether it's innovative new theatre, book launches, Sherlockian interviews, you can be sure that there will be fans joining from dozens of countries.

Most events are free and everyone receives a free mystery Sherlock Holmes audio book for each event attended.   


Upcoming Events 

Thursday 14th April - The Sherlockian Interview - Janet Shaw

5pm Australian Eastern, 8am UK 

(free registration and free mystery audiobook for registrants).


Saturday 30th April - Sherlock Cat and The Missing Mousie 

10am Central, 11am EST,  4pm UK

Join author (Heather) and illustrator (Amanda) for a reading from the bestselling book about a cat detective of the year...



and on Eventbrite a ticketed theatre event

Saturday 30th April - Sherlock Holmes - The Poet and His Muse

2pm Central, 3pm EST, 8pm UK.

Dracula award winning actor Jonathan Goodwin brings his world famous portrayal of Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes back for another brand new story adapted from Orlando Pearson's 'Redacted Sherlock Holmes' series.


Previous Recent Event Recordings: 


Nov 2021 - Wiggins : Son of Sherlock - Interview

Oct 2021 - Sherlock Holmes Author Panels - Interviews

June 2021-  Secrets of Baker Street - Book Launch

May 2021 - The Ghost At The Window - Book Launch

Mar 2021 - Tales From Scotland Yard: Lestrade - Book Launch

Mar 2021 - An Evening With Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes - Live theatre and panel of experts.

Feb 2021 - The Baron Of Wimbledon - Live Sherlock Holmes Theatre

Feb 2021 - Sprial Mind - Book Launch (UK)

Feb 2021 - The London Dock Deaths - Book launch (Australia)

Jan 2021 - Through A Glass Starkly - Audio Book Launch - live (USA)

Nov 2020 - Mrs Hudson Book Launch - Book Launch (Ireland)

Nov 2020 - A Scandal In Nova Alba - Live Sherlockian Theatre

Sep 2020 - An Evening With Sherlock Holmes - Live Sherlockian Theatre