Sherlock Holmes Events

We love running Sherlock Holmes events - whether it's innovative new theatre, book launches, Sherlockian interviews, you can be sure that there will be fans joining from dozens of countries.

Most events are free and everyone receives a free mystery Sherlock Holmes audio book for each event attended.   


Upcoming Events 


Saturday 4th December 

Studies In Scarlet (click here)

3pm EST, 8pm UK (paid event)

Moriarty, Moran, Milverton and other Masters of Menace. Performance focussing on the great villains of the Canon. Jonathan Goodwin performs in the style of Jeremy Brett once more. Raising funds for independent theatre company 'Don't Go Into The Cellar'.

There is a Kickststarter option for this one (Studies In Scarlet


Saturday 11th December

A Perilous Engagement (click here)

3pm EST, 8pm UK (Kickstarter event).

They are back.

After Holmesian takes on the Bible, Shakespeare, and events in Nazi Germany, the stars of The Redacted Sherlock Players switch their attention to A Perilous Engagement, Orlando Pearson’s new play about a recent political scandal mixed with an Edwardian romance also tinged with scandal.

Why is Ignatius Foley, member of parliament for Perth, so anxious to retrieve some administrative documents that have fallen out of his pocket at his fiancée’s house? His betrothed, Miss Jean Leckie, wants to find out. And what has happened in Bulgaria that makes Mycroft so anxious to despatch his brother there with promises of major honours for successful prosecution of the investigation?

The case is set in 1907 and has no parallels whatsoever to more recent events.
It all makes for a most Perilous Engagement.



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