Sherlock Holmes Events

We love running Sherlock Holmes events - whether it's innovative new theatre, book launches, Sherlockian interviews, you can be sure that there will be fans joining from dozens of countries.

All of these events are free and everyone receives a free mystery Sherlock Holmes audio book for each event attended.  

Upcoming Events

1st September - The Sherlockian Interview - Orlando Pearson

2pm EST, 7pm UK time

Meet Orlando Pearson, the author behind the controversial 'Redacted Sherlock Holmes Series' which takes real life events and reveals the role Sherlock Holmes played in shaping them. His latest - Dark Arts, Dark Acts is the first novel in the series currently on Kickstarter.

Holmes and Watson are sent to Germany in 1940 during WWII to negotiate a prisoner swap and are forced to hunt a serial killer. This should be a fascinating Q&A with an author who has written over 40 stories.


12th September - Wiggins: Son of Sherlock (click to register) - Author Reading and Q&A

3pm EST, 8pm UK time

“Wiggins is full of surprises, pulling us back into the world of 221B from an entirely original angle - as if Palmer had found a secret hiding space even the Great Detective had never accessed!”
Angela Misri (Portia Adams Adventures).

On New Year’s Day 1891, Sherlock Holmes summons the limping street urchin, Wiggins, to Baker Street and decrees he must die at dawn. Wiggins, however, has other plans. To fulfil the dying wish of his mother, Irene Adler, he schemes with his two formidable American aunties to keep two important facts from the great detective: Mrs. Hudson is actually his Aunt Grizelda, and he is both Holmes’ child and a girl pretending to be a boy. Through a series of mysterious letters Adler bequeathed to Wiggins, the dark backstory of her parents and all their long-kept family secrets unravel. To flee the mad King of Bohemia trying to claim Wiggins as his heir, Holmes and Wiggins begin their Great Hiatus. From Mycroft to Moriarty, from Dr. John H. Watson to the Baker Street Irregulars, from P.T. Barnum to Jumbo the Elephant, Wiggins learns little is what it seems. Slowly learning to trust each other, Holmes and Wiggins travel from London to Reichenbach Falls to New York City to a small farm in Canada which holds the secrets of their family history. Together, they correct the errors in Watson’s tales, bond over Wiggins’ disability, drop their masquerades, and deduce a father and daughter future.


18th September - Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of The Amazonian Explorer

3pm EST, 8pm UK Time (Facebook Ticketed Event)

Original online adventure featuring Sherlock Holmes. A theatre production with Jonathan Goodwin playing Holmes, in the style of Jeremy Brett.


25th September - Sherlock Holmes Author Panels

Join us for fan Q&As with panels of Sherlock Holmes authors.

25th September- Playing The Game - Sherlock Holmes Author Panel - 1 

This is the early panel - 8pm UK, 3pm EST
Alistair Duncan, Martin Daley, Orlando Pearson, Richard Ryan, Tom Turley
25th September - Playing The Game - Sherlock Holmes Author Panel - 2
This is the later panel - 10pm UK, 5pm EST
Alexandra Kitty, David MacGregor, David Marcum, Gretchen Altabef, Steve Herczeg, Wendy Heyman-Marsaw


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