Sherlock Holmes Events

We love running Sherlock Holmes events - whether it's innovative new theatre, book launches, Sherlockian interviews, you can be sure that there will be fans joining from dozens of countries. All of these events are free and everyone receives a free mystery Sherlock Holmes audio book for each event attended. 


Upcoming Events


Feb 6th - Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The London Dock Deaths (click)

Join author Margaret Walsh live from Melbourne, Australia, for the launch of her 3rd Sherlock Holmes novel. A presentation, author reading and interactive author Q&A.


Feb 20th - The Baron Of Wimbledon - Live Sherlock Holmes Theatre (click)

Gottfried von Cramm, a German tennis star of the 1930s, petitions Holmes for help. The sportsman is being blackmailed on a matter of the utmost delicacy, and when the blackmailer reveals all to the National Socialist authorities, it is Holmes who comes to the rescue by asking Reichsmarschall Herman Göring to intervene. But is the better than expected outcome to the case a result of Holmes's intervention, or is Cramm's glamourous mother keeping her own role to herself? And why does Frau von Cramm seem so familiar to Holmes? It is only once Britain is on the brink of another war against Germany that the full truth dawns on Holmes.


Previous Recent Event Recordings:


Dec 2020 - The Remarkable Power of Stimulus - Live Book Launch 

Nov 2020 - Mrs Hudson Book Launch - Live From Dublin

Nov 2020 - A Scandal In Nova Alba - Live Sherlockian Theatre

Sep 2020 - An Evening With Sherlock Holmes - Live Sherlockian Theatre