Thank Holmes It's Friday - Audio Appreciation Month

We bring you yet another Thank Holmes it's Friday! This week we continue to embrace Audiobook Appreciation Month, initiated by the American Publishers Association. From June 1st to June 30th annually, this celebration is dedicated to boosting awareness and engagement with audiobooks - an enjoyable way to indulge in a good Sherlock Holmes story anytime, anywhere.



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Celebrating Audiobook Month is simple— select a best seller or discover a new beloved treasure and plunge into thrilling narratives on your daily commute or during a peaceful walk. Revel in the intrigue and mystery of Sherlock Holmes' wherever life takes you: relaxed in a warm bath, snug in bed, or even while juggling daily tasks. Boasting an extensive and ever-growing assortment of Sherlock Holmes audiobooks, the possibilities for indulging in captivating narratives anytime, anywhere are limitless.





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This week we're offering free audio codes for:

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery Writer by Fred Thursfield

Sherlock Holmes and the Texas Adventure by Dicky Neely

The Premier Batchelor - A Modern Sherlock Holmes Story by Charlotte Anne Walters

Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of The Winged Ghost by Evan Muller