Art of Sherlock Holmes Merchandise

The following T-Shirts, notebooks, prints, canvas etc are available from Redbubble for The Art of Sherlock Holmes (click on the name of the piece to see the individual page).

#1 - The Tale of The First Adventure - Tony Hernandez and Derrick Belanger

#2 - The Tranquility Of The Morning - Tracy Guiteau and Mike Hogan
#3 - Two Plus Two - Vicki Siegel and Phil Growick
#4 - The Stolen Relic - Terre Rybovich and David Marcum
#5 - The Jet Brooch - David Teal and Denis Smith
#6 - The Deadly Soldier - Bobby Franano and Spencer Smith
#7 - The Case of The Petty Curses - Robert St Croix and Steven Philip Jones
#8 - The Adventure of The Sleeping Cardinal - Eddie Mendieta and Jeremy Holstein
#9 - The Adventure of The Parisian Butcher - Bruce Helander and Nick Cardillo 
#10 - The Adventure of The Long Lost Enemy - Lupe Lawrence and Marcia Wilson
#11 - Sherlock Holmes and The Other Eye - JR Linton and Richard Dean Starr & Erin Bower
#12 - An Affair of The Heart - Amber Tutwiler and Mark Mower
#13 - A Ghost From Christmas Past - Nune Asatryan and Thomas Turley
#14 - The Adventure of The Paradol Chamber - Patrick Crowley and Paul W Nash
#15 - The Adventure of The Smith Mortimer Concession - Andy Pereira and Daniel D Victor
#16 - The Vampire of The Lyceum - Alex Arshanky and Charles Veley & Anna Elliott
#17 - The Adventure of The Pharaoh's Tablet - Aaron Schwartz and Robert Perret
#18 - The Adventure of The Missing Link - Bruce Helander and David Marcum