Young Arthur Conan Doyle Series

Sherlock Holmes was real. Many fans believe he was a real detective, but in fact, he was really a spy. His legend lives on in the writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as a detective but in fact his character was a tribute to the young man that Conan Doyle and James Bell worked with in Her Majesty's Secret Service. Sherlock Holmes did not die at Reichenbach - but many years earlier.

The recently discovered diaries of the young Arthur Conan Doyle contain the startling adventures of Doyle, Sherlock Holmes and the Edinburgh surgeon, Joseph Bell.

At the time, Holmes, a medical school dropout, had become a skilled anatomist, diagnostician and surgeon.  Even his most devoted admirers are unaware that Holmes was an undercover agent for Her Majesty’s Secret Service before he became a private detective. 

In the first adventure Holmes, Doyle and Bell head to the USA in 1878 and in the second it's over to Russia in 1881, finishing with The Death of Sherlock Holmes.