Vol 8 - The Redacted Sherlock Holmes

Vol 8 - The Redacted Sherlock Holmes

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Orlando Pearson, master narrator of history and Holmestry, has done it again.

In this eighth volume of the acclaimed Redacted Sherlock Holmes we learn:

  • what Moriarty had done to be regarded as the Napoleon of crime
  • why Watson’s wound was first described as being in the shoulder and then in the leg;
  • what happened in the first Hiatus between Holmes and Watson meeting after the Battle of Maiwand in 1880 and the first dated case in 1887;
  • the fate of Agatha, Holmes’s fiancée from Charles Augustus Milverton

Holmes also discovers a King of England while Mycroft suppresses the acts of a monster

The eighth collection in the Redacted Sherlock Holmes Series.

Available now through this site, and from 10th October through all good bookstores. Currently on Kickstarter.

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