The Redacted Sherlock Holmes Series by Orlando Pearson

The Redacted Sherlock Holmes series is a captivating collection of novels and short stories that combines the brilliance of Sherlock Holmes with the intriguing backdrop of real-world historical events. The thoroughly researched historical context immerses readers in the time period, allowing them to witness the intersection between Holmes' deductive reasoning and the pressing societal issues of the day.

From the foggy streets of Victorian London to the battlefields of World War II, these stories take us on a journey through gripping political scandals, high-profile cases, and significant events that shaped the era.  As readers delve into these tales, they are not only presented with Holmes' deductive reasoning but also a glimpse into societal issues that still resonate today.

Through these captivating tales, we are reminded of the enduring power of intellect and logical thinking in understanding and navigating the world.