The Redacted Sherlock Holmes Series by Orlando Pearson

The Church Times calls his works “clever, thought-provoking, and terrific fun”, while the Sherlock Holmes Society describes them as “imaginative and deeply thoughtful”. 

Orlando Pearson is the creator of The Redacted Sherlock Holmes series which in its ten volumes to date demolishes the notion that Sherlock Holmes might not have been a real person. Watch as the Great Baker Street Detective comes to the rescue of Queen Victoria, arranges the borders of post-war Europe, clears Macbeth of murder, reveals the rigging of the home insurance market, unravels King Oedipus’s complexities, and provides advice to the Almighty.

Pearsons’s second novelA Study in Statecraft, came out in October 2023 and is the memoirs of Mycroft Holmes. Here you can read how Sherlock Holmes’s brainer brother ends the First World War, resolves the Abdication crisis, and deals with parties held at Downing Street at the height of a global pandemic. 

Under the link below you can see a recent Canadian Radio interview with Orlando.

2024 will see more accounts of the work of Sherlock Holmes as he uncovers a princely and a presidential scandal, cures an artist’s mental block, thwarts a royal assassination, finds a new monarch, and liberates a capital city.

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