The Letter "M" Collection

We bring you our very own collection of "M's", a hand-picked assortment of "M" books, featuring a selection of authors whose names begin with this illustrious letter. From Mark Sohn's "Absentee Detective" - a Hitchcock meets Sherlock Holmes masterpiece, to Maureen Whittaker's in-depth review of Jeremy Brett's legendary portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, we invite you to delve into this unique and engaging collection.

Selected books from authors including: M R Rivera, Marcia Wilson, Margaret Park Bridges, Margaret Walsh, Mark Alberstat, Mark McPherson, Mark Mower, Maxim Jakubowski, Mark Sohn, Mark Wardecker, Martin Daley, Matt Ferraz, Matthew Elliott, Matthew Simmonds, Maureen Whittaker, Michael Druce, Mike Foy and Molly Carr.

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