Beasts of London - Paperback

Beasts of London - Paperback

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Darker than the night, like a piece of reality had been ripped out of the world to grant a view into the endless abyss of the void, a shape rose from the low hills of the moor, towering above all.

Sherlock Holmes, his brother Mycroft, and their associate Mary Morstan are some of the most adept mages in London, safeguarding the peace of the city. Their daily life of solving crimes is interrupted when an ancient threat rises in Dartmoor. The magical entity of London herself forces the Holmes brothers to throw themselves against the attackers to protect her citizens at the cost of their lives. Secrets and betrayal, heartbreak and blackmail force the trio apart, yet they can only stand against the Beasts of London together. The Hound is coming.

Author: Janina Woods

Illustrator: Ryu from Leupus

23rd November 2021

ISBN  9781787058545

324 Pages

also available in Hardcover

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