The Historical Novel Society Review Sherlock Holmes

The Historical Novel Society take their historical fiction very seriously and provide very detailed reviews. Here are extracts from some of them for our authors and our friends and links to the full reviews;

Sherlock Holmes and The Crowned Heads of Europe - Tom Turley

"A fun read, definitely recommended for Baker Street fans." 

The Literary Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 1 & 2 - Dan Victor

"A very entertaining and often enlightening read."

Art In The Blood - Bonnie MacBird

"A vulnerable and deep-feeling Sherlock Holmes needs both his Watson and his team of allies and rivals to crack this complex, intriguing and riveting case."

The Devil's Due - Bonnie MacBird

"The iconic detective and friend come alive in MacBird’s capable hands in this fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable novel."

The Three Locks - Bonnie MacBird

"The Three Locks is true to the Watson tradition, giving readers the feeling they are delving into an authentic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle narrative."

The Final Page of Baker Street - Dan Victor

"This is a highly entertaining entry in the Sherlock Holmes canon that posits that Holmes’ last page was one “Master R.T. Chandler"

Sherlock Holmes and The Baron of Brede Place - Dan Victor

"mystery lovers will find Sherlock Holmes and the Baron of Brede Place entertaining".

Seventeen Minutes To Baker Street - Dan Victor

"An intriguing historical mystery!"

The Outrage at The Diogenes Club - Dan Victor

"Victor’s ingenious weaving of fact with fiction, and the inclusion of highly relevant Jack London quotes at the beginning of each chapter, make this a very interesting read."

Sherlock Holmes and The London Particular - Dan Victor

"Sherlock Holmes is up to his old tricks of detecting, deducting, and discovering, all in the traditional pea-souper of a London fog, the “particular” of the title."

Sherlock Holmes and The Pandemic of Death - Dan Victor

"The writing style matches quite deliciously Conan Doyle’s Victorian feel."

Sherlock Holmes and The Nine-Dragon Sigil - Tim Symonds

"I enjoyed this Edwardian jaunt around the world with Holmes and Watson, and recommend it to lovers of the Great Detective and his faithful friend."

Sherlock Holmes and The Mystery of Einstein's Daughter - Tim Symonds

"The whole idea of the novel is based on real events as the copious historical notes and vocabulary in the back testify, and I certainly learnt a lot about Einstein’s early career."

Mycroft Holmes - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

"Mycroft Holmes is recommended for all mystery lovers, not just Holmesians."